About Vicar's Tea Party

Welcome to Vicar's Tea Party!

Life eh? Sometimes it can be so darn crazy that we don't get a chance or the space to think about the big things in life, or sometimes the little things either!

Enter Vicar's Tea Party. A place to relax. A place to think. A place to get ideas for revamping that old bedside table your Granny left you – because that is important too. At the Vicar's Tea Party you can mull over life's little eccentricities from how to grow your spiritual life to easy ethical life style swaps to how to make cake that makes Monday worth getting up for again.

Vicar's Tea Party is a place you can grab a brew, put your feet up and feel a bit more human again.

On the blog you will find four categories for whatever takes your fancy today:
Vicar's Sofa – a place to curl up with a brew and ponder some of life's big questions

Vicar's Kitchen – a veritable feast of seasonal recipes sure to give your week a little extra something something

Vicar's Study - a place to stretch your mind and spirit with book recommendations, news and reviews.

Vicar's Craft Corner – posts stuffed to the rafters with crafting ideas, tips for green living and second hand and vintage finds galore!

You'll also find some special series like Faith for the Fainthearted which is a no nonsense intro into all things faith and spirituality and the 30 Second Reflection series which offers daily thought snippets to start your day off right.

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