Monday, 2 November 2015

Vicar's Kitchen – Autumn in Prague

We just got back from an amazing few days in Prague. I didn't have many expectations of the place which, I've found, is always nice. You can then be surprised by what is there and open to explore whenever something catches your eye.

We are big fans of the Insight Step-by-Step guides which give you guided walks around major cities. They pass by all the main sights but also take you to unexpected little corners that are often really wonderful. Wandering around Prague felt a bit like living inside a Disney movie! It is all turrets and spires, figures emerging from the mist on the bridge and the sparkling lights of the city's many, many spectacular buildings unfolding out below you.

All this walking around requires some good solid fuel and Prague certainly didn't disappoint in that regard. It struck me as the perfect place to come in the autumn or winter. On the streets are people selling hot wine (really, really good mulled wine basically) and you can quite easily walk about the streets with a pint in hand without anyone really raising an eyebrow. I had the most amazing sour cherry beer from a street seller accompanied by the worlds largest sausage in a bun slathered in mustard and ketchup. Amazing.

Dining out was such a relaxing experience in Prague because everything is so wonderfully informal. We came across a fair few breweries doing amazing food with their unending supply of tankards of beer where we tucked into to warming winter dishes like goulash, beef in cream sauce with dumplings, sausages cooked in beer and chicken schnitzel.

The stews were like something else and made me realise that when it comes to them I have been doing it ALL WRONG. The goulash was spicy, thick and flavoursome. So much so that I was half tempted to lift up the bowl and slurp down the last few bits. Prague being as brilliant relaxed as it is, again, no one probably would have batted an eyelid!

So now the inevitable hunt begins for some stews to rival the Prague breweries, some hot wine for these cold evenings and where on earth can I get sour cherry beer?! I think another trip might be in order....

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