Tuesday, 1 December 2015

30 Second Reflection - Christmas Rush

Ready for Christmas?
You're joking!
With all
I've got to do,
I'll be lucky if
I'm ready by
This time next year.

Stir-up Sunday
Found me without even
The ingredients,
Let alone the time to
Stir them....

The cards -
I was going to write
More than
'Hope all is well'
This year
But I haven't....

Shopping's a nightmare,
With all those people
Intent on spending

Working out who's
Visiting who, and
Who'll be offended
If we don't...

The tree, the decorations,
Enough food for the cat,
Not to mention us,
I'll never be ready.

But I'm certainly ready for
Christmas - that moment when
The world seems hushed
In silent expectation,
The light in the stable
Draws us from chaos
To the stillness of
God at the centre,
And love is born.

I'm longing for that.

- Ann Lewis


  1. that last paragraph gave me a chill.
    Must keep reminding myself what Christmas is really about. :O)

    1. It is gorgeous isn't it? I am reading it as part of my sermon ay church on Sunday so this is a bit of a preview!