Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas - it's time to Hibernate!

Is anyone else in full hibernation mode? I have practically taken up residence in my favourite chair and any reason to leave it I now view as a huge inconvenience. If I could have all my meals delivered to me in this chair then I really would. As it is I have box of Quality Street nestled next to me which, not going to lie, my hand strays into every few minutes, and a husband of work who can be persuaded to bring the occasional cup of tea.

As it is now Christmas Eve I am guessing that most of us are about to finish work for a little while and all the Christmas preparations are done. Hoo-flippin'-ray! It is time my friends to enter hibernation. To enjoy a few days where there is nothing much demanded of you besides eating chocolate for breakfast, sticking a turkey in the oven and flopping on the sofa in front of a Christmas movie.

And don't we all need that? A change to just be. A chance to spend time with the people that mean the most to us, who we pass by like ships in the night in all the busyness of the festive season? I can't wait to realise I haven't left the house in three days and to stay in my pyjamas till noon. And me and this chair...well...we won't be parting company any time soon

Which just leaves me to say, I wish you all a very happy Christmas indeed. Thank you for being wonderful, for stopping by this little blog from time to time and being companions and friends.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I have no doubt at all that you've been incredibly busy lately. You deserve the quality street and to stay in your comfy chair.

    Wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. And to say thank you. I found your blog at such a low time, that I have no doubt whatsoever that I was guided here. I will forever be grateful. I needed *something* to give me strength at that time, and that came from you, whether you knew it or not. And since then I've really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog.

    So thank you. And enjoy your Christmas.

    p.s, that tartan frock (or top) is just too fab for words! :O)x