Monday, 1 February 2016

This Small World

Last time I wrote I mentioned that I had spent most of the Christmas season in hibernation mode. A huge amount happened over Christmas, so many firsts at work as I led service for the first time, preached a Christmas day sermon and sung more carols in the space of a few days than I thought possible.

Working in church means six days weeks in the same community and I find that my life operates around much smaller area than it did before. These few streets and these few places. Learning how the church looks though the seasons, how the sun hits the stained glass at certain times of day and transforms it. I'm home more too. Life now blends into a whole rather than being separated into portions that can be neatly labelled 'work' and 'home'.

Besides this natural drawing inward from a new working life I've also been unwell in January so the hibernation of the Christmas season hasn't really ended yet. As a natural activist I can find this frustrating. What I usually get through in a week (work, blogging, family time, catching up with friends, cooking, sewing etc etc) has become somewhat impossible. I've been good for little more than curling up in a ball and waiting for the next episode on Netflix.

I recently visited a friend though (Hey Clare, if you are reading!) whose words have been so helpful to me in this time. When talking about being limited in the things we can do she said 'Well there are worse things that sitting under a duvet all day watching telly.' as I settled down with a chocolate pud and the latest episode of the Good Wife this week on an exhausted afternoon I remembered her words and they made me smile.

I'd love to say all this drawing inward has made me see the world around me with a new passion. That I appreciate the clarity of the sun on a clear morning with a renewed perspective or something. The reality is that it can be boring to be restricted when you are someone who loves an adventure.
But there is some truth in the thought that your world, however small, is what you make it. That half an hour with the sun streaming through the window reading a magazine in bed can be supremely satisfying. And that there is so much to notice, so much to be absorbed in, even in a small world if we have the eyes for it.

So that's my small news this January. Love and greeting from this little corner of the world to yours!


  1. what a wonderful post. And I absolutely get it. My world is small, but I appreciate it so very much. :O)
    Your friend Clare is a wise woman.

    I'm glad you are feeling better. Grim to start the new year off feeling poorly.

    1. Thanks Sadie! She is pretty wise! Hope all is well with you and yours xx